Performance promise

We offer you the efficient combination of theory and practice!

We probe the detail of complex liability situations, abstract risks and nested contracts. This “scientific approach” and high quality is the basis for our activities. However, all of this would be practically worthless if we did not create transparent products and appropriate solutions for our clients. Practical implementation is the most challenging aspect. Making complicated matters easy is part of our philosophy. In specific terms, this means for you:

  • The basis of our work is the continued development of needs-based insurance solutions in order to achieve a maximum level of security.
  • Our risk analysis (e.g. synopses and assessments) illuminates all the relevant aspects of your situation in detail and includes proposed solutions.
  • We give you the tools to enable you to manage all financial lines issues with confidence and to release yourself from any liability in relation to your client.
  • Too much information can be overwhelming. Allow us to act as your filter and to keep you up-to-date proactively.

Thanks to its many years of experience in this sector, the FINLEX team has already demonstrated its ability to fulfil this promise. It is also important to recognise the limitations of the relevant markets, so as to find the most appropriate and efficient solution as quickly as possible.