Specialist broker

Yes to pioneering spirit and innovation, but no to experimentation

Whether we are advising an insurance broker or providing insurance solutions directly in a selected niche business, we only do what we do best: Financial Lines.

FINLEX concentrates solely on financial loss insurance and only draws up insurance solutions for the risks and customer groups that we have actually succeeded in “penetrating”.

FINLEX aims proactively to negotiate and implement market-leading, exclusive insurance concepts for all risks and customer groups. We are often directly approached by our clients for such solutions. Cooperation with all the relevant insurers in a spirit of trust is the basis for ensuring our clients have access to the best possible insurance protection.

Product innovations not only distinguish special brokers, but are actually expected from them. Being a specialist broker means not only developing new insurance concepts for commercial purposes and introducing these to the market, but also examining the actual benefits of these concepts in a critical way and dealing with them in a responsible manner using the superior knowledge that provided the basis for the products in the first place.

An insurance agreement is only put to the test when a claim is made. However, the outcome from Financial Lines damage claims is often not as expected from “classic” insurance policies: these claims are more abstract and are more difficult to “manage” in procedural terms because of the dependency on other third parties. Different interests (e.g. in the case of D&O claims) and complicated legal issues make targeted claims processing more difficult. FINLEX ensures that insurance agreements are allowed to “prevail” and that insurers are made to keep their promises.