Working alone will add value. Working together will multiply it. (Arab proverb)

Our service for insurance brokers is based on the practical insight that efficient needs-based support in strategically important insurance areas is vitally important in a fluid highly competitive market environment. This is particularly the case in the area of manager liability, as this affects a company’s decision-makers directly. Hence, D&O is a door opener, while at the same time also involving a risk regarding the business relationship with the company. This is particularly the case when consulting, ongoing support or claims processing fails to live up to the expectations of the people at the top in the company.

The fine balance between good client support, one’s own profitability and possible conflicts of interest when a claim is made can be a major challenge for many insurance brokers. It is very difficult to build up one’s own resources for the Financial Lines sector. This is not least because of the fluid market phase and the associated decline in income from fees.

FINLEX can offer you the following solutions to help with this balancing act:

  • We offer our cooperative brokers an online information, sales and placement platform for the financial lines sector.
  • We are partners, not guardians of esoteric know-how, which is why we are happy to share our knowledge with you, contributing to your independence.
  • We can help you in every market phase with defined standards and strong products. This also means that we can help relieve you of the burden of liability to your own clients.
  • We take a transparent approach to fee structures and guarantee you a fair share of the overall fee, which will correspond to at least the usual standard fees from insurers.
  • As an option, we can provide active support to end users, but only if this accords with your wishes and will not lead to conflicts of interest with other partners. Otherwise we shall remain in the background as service providers.